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Reviews for "Online Sexy Blackjack"

has anyone noticed that their eyes turn green at the fuck machine

it is awesome, but wont let me log to the multiplayer, first time it happens

The weeaboo faggotry is strong in this one.

That being said, you can't be held responsible for what the users on your games do, you did your job and you did it well. Your game is fully functional, no bugs, pretty decent art, and the server is always up.

Well done Vadim.

OUTSTANDING GAME! We definitely need more multiplayer games such as these but as some people recommended is that there be male figures and more outfits...also some personal things would be good is if you allowed to watch the other person do the things do your character :D
anyway fantastic graphics keep up the outstanding work

I love this game but i wish there were male figures and more outfits for both my fave idea being airline hostess also i would love to see a new chat box in mp so you can scroll and maybe a group table option?