Reviews for "Cuboy Facebutt"


this is so worthless, is this all you can come up with, not worth giving any stars too, phewy.

Not cool

All other Cuboy Subs are better than thas piece of..of..cube?

oh man...

nothing to say...

make me mad 1 more time

thats the song for this game dang what are u doing this was throw n together
if not dang for u and ur team next time fix the control and u will have a hit


When I checked out this new game i would have thought we would have a great new game on our hands but yet we dont. This is horrible controls, unlike "Back to the cubeture" Which was very easy to understand. I hope to get some more BETTER games and so we can enjoy cuboy once more instead of pulling away from it with bad games like these. I hope you take time to read this as I feel it was very important. And hopefully others will think so too. If you want to make us happy, do either another "Back to the Cubeture" or do some other game similar to that. All i'm asking is you improve your games instead of making games that seem rushed.

EdibleCastle responds:

I've taken the time read your comment. Shame you didn't take the time to read mine. Thanks for playing anyway