Reviews for "Cuboy Facebutt"

Not particularly fun

It has a great bit of Cuboy humor at the beginning, but it could use a lot more, I don't know, fun within the gameplay.

Its fun but the controls are hard.

you should have had it mouse controlled. It is hard to control cuboy with the arrow keys.

It's okay.

While it is pretty fun it eventually gets boring doing the same thing again and again while I did like the character customization it was a little hard getting new things plus the controls kind of screwed me up because when I want to move left I move up. Now if you made another one I would add like moves you could learn different types of moves instead of stomp, throw, and facebutt. I gave you four stars because I thought in the beginning it was quite fun.

good game

but not too good, when i clicked the link it took me to the cuboy collection and i didnt get my cutoy.

Edible castle

i wish edible castels did exist oh and this game is random but very very fun