Reviews for "Cuboy Facebutt"


This game isn't that good but its a bit underrated.:(

So awesome its not even awesome.


where is back to the cubeture 2

come on you can do better

Very sad addition to the Cuboy collection.

I usually love Cuboy and have been waiting patiently for a sequel to Back to the Cubeture. I thought this game might tide me over in the meantime. However, this game was extremely dull. There should have been some creativity added with how you need to smash things, like having to run between different rooms and the objects already being in place. Sadly, I was bored with this game within the first level. I played a few more to see if it got better, and it never did.

I'll give you six stars because the graphics are good. Also, it has Cuboy in it which is an automatic boost in the score.

Also, though this may probably isn't something you can fix, I thought you should be aware that in between every menu selection (Instructions, Customize Cuboy, etc.), there was an advertisement. This happened after a few levels as well.

Very super great.

I saw this game on Mochigames.when i costumize on MG,its sucks,only that mochi dumb,dont know whats his name.
But this game awesome.I like to costumize Here.Pretty cool.