Reviews for "Cuboy Facebutt"


the toy is a wrestler cuboy.

I'm not impressed...

I really like everything Cuboy but I don't think this game really works. I almost feel as if you rushed a game, because this could have, and should be so much more. It would be fun to have an RPG element where we could walk around, talk to people, and hear Cuboys silly wit, collect items, along with this "Facebutting", lifting, and throwing.

There's nothing about this game that will keep me immersed and it lacks replayability

EdibleCastle responds:

fair enough. thanks for the comments


ive never really liked puzzles and this is my first time playing cuboy i like the customizing but not the gameplay

Game Broken...?

It looks like a great game, but when I tried to play, any time I clicked on anything it would open the sponsor's website...

Lacks originality

I can't say it's the most fun game I've ever played. The controls were a bit confusing and the game itself was kinda slow. It also lacked originality because It's just another "destroy everything" kind of game. 6 because i liked the graphics. They are very clear and precise.