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Reviews for "Suzie"

Your entry bothers me deeply, and here's why:

1: There is not much content musically. There are effectively 4 layers of this song, the vocals, the guitar, the background vocals, and the effects. They were all slow, droney, and repetitive. So much disrespect paid to the audience in that. Hurt ma feels.
2: The effects tracks had the most depth. Why is the most "comfort zone" skillset the highest in the submission? 4 minutes of mumbling and strumming and how many untold hours of mixing those effects. The result is a pig covered in make-up wearing a wedding veil.
3: The Vocals are mumbled. I can't hear the throat. I can't hear the diaphram. I can't hear the fundamental note. What I can hear sounds like a tongue peeling off the roof of a dehydrated mouth. I can't understand the words, just a big billowy cloud of nothing.
4: The guitar is lazy and poor. Why so many strums with so few chord changes? So much string sound with so little note sound. This whole song could have been 2 minutes. Why disrespect the audience by dragging out what adds up to about 1 minute of content into four minutes? Certainly not the lyrics, which couldn't be understood. So much amazing stuff has been played on guitar in other music, it's very disrespectful to present a guitar played this way. You could have used a tamborine and gotten more depth.
5: The background vocal samples, actually, were the most creative aspect of this piece. They were subtle and plaintive. They were the only reason I listened to the piece to the end to bother leaving a thorough review.

TLDR: I'm very opinionated. Many people will not agree with me. I only wrote this because I felt deeply you could find it useful.