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Reviews for "FF Last Defense"

This is okay...

Good sprites, character moves slow,bad looping,freezes for a couple a secs, on stage finsh


its ok but you should have made the mobility with arrow keys

It's not bad...

The menus are simple, smooth, and elegant. So are the in-game animations.
However, the actual game play is very repetitive, and the short music track doesn't help. My main problem playing this game was the movement sensitivity. It took so long for the character to move that stage 2 is virtually impossible.
It looks really nice, though.

Dont Like It

The music is annoying and it gets very repetitive and boring very fast.

Good idea

The setup is a good idea, the artwork is great. The movement is really slow, I notice you have the option to upgrade your mobility which is cool if it was affordable, need to either bring ugrade prices down or battle rewards up. Keep at it I see potential in it.