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Reviews for "Swingers Collab"

What can I say

A simply amazng collection of dick, big ones, tall ones, skinny ones, small ones, more dicks than anyone has ever/shoul ever seen in one place. I was utterly mesmerise by this. Well done.


:D Okay, I'm going to say it, but this is the most brilliant collab idea ever invented - and it's been pulled off fairly well, too. Great way to present such dickery, and for something that I would have thought to be half-arsed you certainly haven't cocked it up.

It's a picture of brilliance, a pile of ingenuity, a total impartial presentation on society that should be viewed by everyone, at all ages, for it will change their life and it will change life life forever. The light bouncy melody, the swinging colours and flying appendages.

You've done the world proud by making this, Luis, and I'm proud to have this favorited forever.

disturbing and funny...

have to admit that i giggled a bit.

You guys sure love to swing, ey? xD

Worst collab yet? Sexiest collab yet

The way I see it there are only three let downs;

1. Not enough cocks

2. Not being able to find out which 'artists' did which parts

3. Seriously not enough cocks

But for the cocks you have? It's a 10 out of 10 babeh.


Really good! Keep up the good work guys!