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Reviews for "Swingers Collab"

Good job... I guess.

I'll be honest. I most heartily regret making the decision to watch this. But since I did make the decision, I can't really lay the blame on you for wasting my time.

And while I don't like the concept, think of this as the very pinnacle of immaturity and can't for my life understand why you would do this...

The animation is clean and of high quality, the sound is good and the music strangely fitting. You also taught me a lesson of caution, so I will consider this a valuable experience for the next time I'm about to leap before I look. Or look before I think. So...

Good job... I guess.

The correct reply to this would be...

"penis penis penis penis, lol"


Let the cocks rain down !

I should get a medal for this...

This sums up the whole world of NG in one video..


This is new. :D