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Reviews for "Swingers Collab"

well done

the moves are very cleans isnt a mastepiec but are awesomes men

i dont understand it but good animation i guess

and was this sopposed to make me gay because thank god it did not work so ha!
your brainwashing method failled



Cool swinger!

It's nice that you guys finally submitted something to feature the penicorn in it. Then again, he wasn't actually part of the animation, but at least he was there. I know how big penises are a big part of Newgrounds culture. Heck, they're a big part of really any website culture that allows nudity! This is great because you guys really did have a lot of different variety of penises swinging around. I don't know why I haven't watched this before.

It's got some of my favorite artists! Luis, Hulalaoo, AlmightyHans, Catoblepas, Oney, Lazymuffin, you guys are the best! I simply can not dislike something you guys all worked together on. While some might consider this spam, it's certainly better spam than what most people create. Keep on being the derangedness that this website should be!

ummmm yes...