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Reviews for "The Inseminator"


so awsome.
nice game man

Manfredo responds:

Thanks mate

73 woot

Locomotive of Love made it to a 100days too

Manfredo responds:

Wow ! Would you be the first one since the submission to have made it to the 100 days ? I'm truly impressed.

There are even better trophies if you wanted to give it another go. If you beat your own record, drop me a line, I want to hear about it !


Its addicting

Really well made game, except with snowville. There's not much to do except ski (and catch a bad one sometimes). However, I like how you can fight to earn cash and you have to build up all your stats to get the ladies to notice you and not slap you with a lawsuit!
-Overall, it needs a bit more content when traveling around the "world" BUT it got me addicted so 10/10 no doubt


love this game....just wished it had different looking girls. also why is this not in the newgrounds mature section? and where can i find more games like this?

well i changed his code to have 90 of sex

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30 40 0 40
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