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Reviews for "The Inseminator"

can you say glitch???

i noticed a glitch in the game if your outside of your home in the city if you right click and click on play you go to the hotel with the $60 whore and if you right click and click play again you get free sex without wasting any energy. you can use this in other places too i havent tried them all

Manfredo responds:

Oops ! Well spotted ! People are going to hate you because I've now fixed it :)
Use the bug while it lasts !

Thanks ever so much.

not bad, just a few tweaks

ive fully explored the game and i find it very well made and thought out, the idea of not giving too many clues to the rules or how to gain a stat leaves the player having to use his own mind and i applaude that choice. However, not everyone playing the game is a college genius so i did find those test questions quite the feat to answer that is where the1 of the points was taken off quite fairly in my mind. (dont keep reading if you dont want the game spoiled) i did find a way past the test questions which was to hit one of them repeatedly for all them and i got a high score which is where the 2nd point came from (for players yes this is a way to get more intelligence cheaply) and the rest i really dont feel the need to explain lest i insult someones intelligence.
overall a very well made and thought out game

Manfredo responds:

Thanks for a good review.
Point taken about the IQ test. However, the game offers several other paths for people who are not college geniuses. I am considering a trick to make the test easier on the players, but that's not for now.
Now, I'm not sure your test strategy wasn't the result of freak luck because I can't recreate it myself.

Nice Sim, but lacks of rewards.

On the Luck stat topic, randomness should work both ways, not only in the outcome of events, but also in the choices abiable for the player, i like the way street fights only apear sometimes and sometime not, it gives street fighting a funny feeling, the game would be overall more funny with more random encounters and rewards (i'll talk about it later) and less random ugly outcomes.

On stress and SH, all i have to say have been said a lot, but this is not an 8 review for those factors. On SH, the main problem is having no exceptional rewards, it like having an exam where you can only get 5 points over 10, i know nailing te chick is the reward, but maybe some bonus somewhere else would be nice.

I miss a girl in the Casino, and Snowvill its pretty empty, and after being eaten by a shark (not interested in fishing anymore) i dont have the guts to do ski a lot.

Thanks for reading and making this nice game, i hope you find something useful and keep on doing stuff like this, sorry for the bad grammar.

Manfredo responds:


Rewards come at the end and are solid gold trophies if you've done well with the ladies. But I will definitely be thinking about this one.
I wish a could offer you a Newgrounds medal for being eaten by a shark because you definitely beat the odds on that one !

I Agree

Most of the down parts of the game have been said. I've read the parts about your hang ups with numbers and stats, but you have to think "This game isn't made for me, it's made for other people."

I like the randomness, aka 'The Luck", of the game, but most of it seems to be pitted against our little green friend. Which stresses him, and me. out even more.

I recommend that you get a second person to help you remake this. A second pair of eyes can see things you don't.

Manfredo responds:

Thanks for the advice.

The numbers issue is an aesthetic issue, nothing more. And when it come to aesthetic, I'm afraid to say it's "like it or leave it".
I had somebody else reviewing the game as I was making it. So most of the defects viewers come up with, you name them, I already heard about them.
The nagging I am grateful for, because for all the points I was already prepared to compromise with, there will be a fix according to the reviews.
Others points will not result in any action because I feel a change would denature the game. If these other changes are so critical for the viewer, then I can only suggest they find another game for their needs.
One of the main ideas behind the luck of the game is that despite a fair amount of control, if you play twice the exact same way, the outcome may still differ.

I understand randomness, however...

There are some good elements in this game. The work that you need to consistently get women is one of them: I like the sexual harassment angle and forcing you to sit there and go: is it worth the risk.

With that said, there's a certain point where the game seems out of the players hands, and that's my biggest problem with this game. Where I can set my guy up perfectly fine, going 40 days with consistently getting women, and then to have something completely random happen to stop the game (specifically, I drowned while fishing, with me sitting there having no idea I COULD drown).

I've read your comments on randomness being part of the game: but there's a point where a player is just waiting for something to happen. No matter what he does, it doesn't make a difference. Frustration sets in, and in my case, I've loss the will to play it out to 100 days. It just doesn't sit well: I could be perfectly fine and then all the work taken away with one play.

In games like this: players want control. They want to be able to see their guy grow and be able to work through it. You take that away: not may people are going to continue playing it.

Manfredo responds:

Thanks for the review.
Dissappearing under sea level doesn't necessarily mean the cause of death was drowning. But never mind.

Random takes some amount of control away from the player, and that's the beauty of it. Without it, the player gets what he expects and that's boring. Predictability is boring ! That's my view, hence this game as it is designed. Random is what makes it different from so many "point n click" simulation games where the player is, indeed, in control.
As you correctly suggest, players who don't like that will not carry on playing and I don't see why they should. I don't thrive for success, you see, but despite that I still get more than I expected, at least that's what my Newgrounds stats say. Maybe because some people are not afraid to try something different in that respect. Fairplay to them.