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Reviews for "The Inseminator"

Cool =)

Nice game =D two suggestions though.

1) This may sound a bit pervy =P but make the scenes longer or have a continue button most of the time they flashed up so fast they startled me.
2) In the lab at the beginning or at some point explain what the different skills do and how to improve them :3
3) Maybes ad another way to gain intelligence?


Woo, insanely addicting and fun game~

Manfredo responds:

Thank you very much !

Not too bad

But also not very good.
It's nice that a game has flavor, a "soul", but 'Control' is the key, the central element of a game. Clear rules are what distinguishes a game from reality, and if theres a random element that the player can't control, it should never punish the player more than the potential gain of that action could be.
Chatting with Girls, for example, has a chance to result in a spontaneous game over, because the lawsuit is essentially that. This is made worse by the lack of a comfortable quicksave/load function.
This game just doesn't feel like the stress relief and mild challenge that I expect from any "game". It feels like work. As such, I really can't give more than 5 points.

Manfredo responds:

Fair enough.

some tips for the events

your game was really good it was challenging but it would be nice for a stress meter and save (i tried the matrix didn't work for me)

here s tip
- for the girl that shows up at the end of a won fight you should make an animation just for her
- for the girl that you randomly find in the places were you travel they also should have 2-4 type of animation just for them
-change the hair because the same type of hair can get boring after awhile
-the cut-scenes in the main town leave them be
-the hotel girl leave the cut-scene alone cause her hair matches the cut-scene
-finally getting intelligence up is kinda hard you should make it easier

hope you at least take some tips and keep up the great work

Manfredo responds:

These are some good tips. Some of them require a substantial amount of work so I'd say that for the time being, you'll have to make do with what's there.
The stress bar is now on.
Feel free to PM me your matrix so I can see what's wrong.


One question
how in the hell of it do you ace the colllege test
P.S. are there any cheats

Manfredo responds:

Thanks for the score mate.
I'm afraid there's no cheats for the IQ test. There may be something to ease the pain in the future but for now here's my advice : there are about 40 questions so they come back often. Master a few and skip the others. When time runs out, stay and try to solve the last puzzle : the timer won't kick you out. If solved, make sure you remember the answer for next time ! It's a learning process after all ...