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Reviews for "The Inseminator"

not half bad

yeah it was frustrating at times...but in the end this last time i played i survived 3 sexual harrasment cases and still came out with a score of 66 impregnated. most everything gripe-wise has been said so I suppose I'll share my strategy

put all your points in charm then work as a salesman twice a day, bang the hooker once a day to raise charm. after she lowers to half price start saving up about a grand. still work twice a day but now i guess try with the ladies the rest of the time. once you have a grand saved up fly to playa and go hog wild (avoid fishing...jaws is not a good ending). If everything goes smoothly you should have maxed out charm and no stress.

one other thing...don't waste leftover hp/energy. if worst comes to worst bathe the rest of your time away...it may just lower your stress enough to keep you going till you can get to playa

Frustrating Game

This game is full of good ideas BUT it is too much frustating mainly because of two points:
- Stress increase too much and/or decrease not enough, perhaps you could set a difficulty level and the game as it is now should be at least the "hard" level.
- the matrix is horrible. It's okay to replace the save option by a password, but it should be possible to copy it with a simple Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. Twenty cases make it horrible to use!

Hope you will think of my advice.

The fine is too high!

How can i pay a fine of 1000 if i dont have money to buy food??? The fine should be of 200 to 300 because you can get just 20 per day

Longer sex!

Longer sex animations in the Inseminator or just make a continue button so we can 'enjoy' the scene as long as we want, thanks -j rate it 9/10 cause ineed longer sex

Amusing, but absurdly difficult

The game concept is cute and amusing. The art style is attractive even if the girls hair is the only thing to change (what no other races? i.e. black/asian/what have you) But there are much more negative events than positive in my opinion.

I'd have to disagree with the 'realistic stress' comment when you posted this. Gaining stress seems okay, but getting rid of it isn't (if it was, everyone in the world would be psycho killers by now). Stress seems unbelievably hard to get rid of. Vacations and sex don't lower stress noticeably; which is odd to me (considering sex is his mission: stress should drop a lot when he succeeds. Is it a compound bonus for repeating an event (multiple sex scenes in a row)? I can't find a reliable way of relieving stress and always lose it around day 20 (meaning the pervert lima bean loses it; not me specifically).

Gifts seems a pointless waste of money since I haven't noticed any improvement in getting laid either way.

Is there a difference between the various girls groups? I mean is there a difference in trying to woo a college girl than a flight attendant?

And maybe it's just because I lose before an event happens but, what is the point of some of these locations? The alley by the house and the parking lot never have anything in them and there doesn't seem to be a point in leaving money in the bank. And what's the deal with the bathtub? it's never done anything that I can tell.

I think the biggest problem of the game is that there just isn't enough positive feedback in these events that actually do accomplish anything. It's obvious when we fail and the negative effects involved, but when we succeed; nothing seems to improve in a helpful way (most notably stress).

On a side note, you website hasn't updated this game and still runs without the stress bar.