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Reviews for "The Inseminator"


love this game....just wished it had different looking girls. also why is this not in the newgrounds mature section? and where can i find more games like this?

its fun and i liked

For the ones who want to make a quick view of this game. i let you this Pass:
44 282 15 50
30 40 0 40
78 4 28 69
011 45 0 1
2 0 0 3
its until day 85 whti a few cash
as for the game , i think its one of the best sim date games i have tested
and i think you should make a sequel or perhaps make a few changes in the original.

A Bit Too Random?

Let me first say I enjoyed the plot of the game. It's funny, interesting, random, and addicting. It's definitely a game that you can keep playing over and over. I thought that the art was very unique and well thought out. For that, I voted 5/5. Thanks for sharing this game.

As for the Game play:
The first thing is that the 100 days is a bit too long. 100 days does give you more time/ better chance of impregnating more people. But in the same token, it kinda makes the game drag on like all other dating games.

I also feel that the randomness adds to the game, but at the same time it seems that the game is a bit too random. Don't get me wrong, the random rejections, the ability to nail the hooker, harassment suit and being eaten are good and give the game character. But, some event are more random then others, which makes them not random at all. (Ex. From my experience, no matter what you do to try to improve your stats, your chances of being rejected are greater then the chance of scoring.)

Another thing that I've noticed is that the actions are very random. Out of the 4 actions that your can preform to "chat" with the girls, that not one specific action is that same for the places you go. (Ex., Say that you go to the Bank and "chat" with the girls. The action you get is the "showing your Muscles action". This lets you impregnate the girl, but later in the game when this same action happens @ the same place, you get rejected.) I feel that this too is too random, and makes it difficult to know if there stats are improving or not.

The last things are I don't understand the bath tube and the parking garage. I guess that the tube is to release stress, which if it's supposed to, doesn't really help. When it comes to the parking garage, I don't understand it's purpose, there was never anything going on there.

These are the reason that I give you a 5/10 stars. I'm not giving this score because I haven't beaten, which I haven't but I'll keep playing till I do, and by no means do I want you to make the game super simple. I think with some more adjustments, that the game would be better for the players. It's very challenging, but I feel that it's too challenging. Thanks for reading.

P.S. I think it's funny that intelligent, space aliens don't have maxed out knowledge or agility @ the beginning of the game. That's very humorous. :)

Its addicting

Really well made game, except with snowville. There's not much to do except ski (and catch a bad one sometimes). However, I like how you can fight to earn cash and you have to build up all your stats to get the ladies to notice you and not slap you with a lawsuit!
-Overall, it needs a bit more content when traveling around the "world" BUT it got me addicted so 10/10 no doubt

Some tips and suggestions

Great Game! I played it before and after the improvements. At first I had no idea why my little green guy kept on going bezerk, but I figured I'd probably stressed him out too much. The stress bar is good to keep an eye on it though - you should find a way to sell those in real life!

I found the animation quite cute (especially the passport). Managed to get eaten by a shark on a very good run, which pissed me off and ended my newfound love of fishing.

Some improvement tips/suggestions:
It seems like snowville is missing something, not much to do but ski, hit on women, eat or sleep (reflects reality well, but boring). 1 additional activity here would be good, especially something that influences a stat somehow, but I don't really know what. Ski instructor work with a chance to hit on your students and the ski related risk could be good.

Also, for the lovescenes, I think it would be cool to have the chance to pick which woman you want to hit on and maybe have the stats correlate slightly to stereotypes for shts-n-giggles: for example dumb blond goes for muscle guy, smart brunette for intel, sassy redhed for charmer, or whatever correlations make sense to you. Also adding a random special character chick with other rules such as harder to get, more stress relief reward, etc. would be cool. Maybe a foreign language skill for the occasional foreign chick (esp. if she could appear in ANY pickup location at random). Maybe even use real foreign language questions that people would have to answer well (thank babelfish or so) in order to get lucky with her.

Matching girls to corresponding sex scenes would be good.

Any other additional "think outside the box" ways of increasing odds in random chance would be cool as well.

A matter of taste, but maybe the option of a more graphic sex scene mode (choice at the begining) would please some users. I would welcome it.

Another fun tip would be other ways, especially ridiculous ones, for the green guy to "improve" the condom.

I like the idea of having to "earn" your chance to get with a ring girl. It would be cool if there was a chick for the street fights or some other difficult challenge like a rich girl if the investment banker job works out. Maybe also a subgame there that gives the play some stockmarket gambling (at a minimum buy low sell high type of game) where one can get some extra money or lose a bunch. Would be good to keep the profit chance low so that people don't get rich, lazy and bored though.

I also like where you were going with the sexual harassment and the mayo/janitor work solution. How about adding some other possibilities to dig yourself out of a hole as well (not all safe or positive). For example, deal drugs but have much higher odds of getting killed or arrested (time/money loss). Or some kinda ebay type feature to say buy/sell textbooks if you went to the Univ. a lot or gifts if you had bought some. Maybe even sell your bed and either get less energy per night sleep, without one, or have to stay with a woman to get a good night's rest. Possibly even the chance to be homeless or shack up with a chick, but that might be a bit much.

If you really feel ambitious, try introducing some concept of a wing man. You could offer the chance to improve him by transfering some of your stats onto him in return for better odds in some situations, especially if you could introduce an ugly chick who's blocking for a hottie.

Technical tips:
Can you use the matrix to generate an alphanumeric string to copy/paste - would make life easier.

So... my post has gotten quite long so here's a summary:
Ability to choose girls, various personalities, consistent sex scenes
More graphic sex scene mode
More condom improvements other jokes
Foreign language/women & special character women/women to earn
Riskier ways to make money
Wingman/ugly chicks
string based save code
ski instructor option

Keep up the great work!