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Reviews for "The Inseminator"

Irritating that i dont know my exact stats and the test there are no correct awnsers

Great game just add more options during sex and more girl's. You can also add a cinematic of girls giving birth to alien babies after game over.

Busting your but to become smart should result in a bigger payoff from teaching and banking. Also, game becomes virtually unplayable if you get slapped with a $1000 fine and don't have the funds to cover it (This happened very early in my first playthrough, allowing nowhere near enough time to gather that much money). Bathing to reduce stress should take more HP and heal more stress, respectively, so you're not sitting there clicking the bathtub for 3 days trying to get your stress down after 5 straight rejections. Great game.

good game all in all but how the hell do you get your stress down?

pretty good premise for a game but is there some sort of master code anyone has created?
hey, i don't want to cheat as much as the next guy, but come on, fucking sharks and judges with insane asylum power...