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Reviews for "The Inseminator"

You Go Green Guy!

First off, I'd have to say...great job guy, really, i haven't played a game like this in a good while.

Animations are decent, not over the top, but also not lacking, but as long as the game is fun who cares right?

I like how you based this game off luck...well...wait, that has it's good and bad parts to it. Me personally, my luck is garbage, always has been (lol) so i ended up getting alot of harassment charges, slaps, and punches to the face during a street fight. But it makes the game interesting knowing just BECAUSE you have the stats to do something, doesn't mean you'll get it. As a suggestion for those who don't really like the "luck" of the game, why not put a luck stat?

I did manage to get to 100 days (surviving off mayo and -$5000 lol!) but i will admit that the game does indeed need a stress bar, can't tell you how many time that poor little guy went on a rampage.

The Int....oh god the Int. it's an awesome thought but it seems to be abit more....complicated then it should be. Maybe add multiple ways to getting it up? or even better make it so with low int the questions are hard but as you build it up they get easier.

I only have 1 true complaint...need more animantions/faces/hair ect, ect, :) overall i enjoyed the game! keep up the kick ass work bub! ^^b

Manfredo responds:

Much appreciated review, thanks.

Great idea setting luck at the beginning. It means I'd have to go through all the codes again (some work!), but worth thinking about !
I'm quite impressed you made it through to the 100 days with the mayo. If you remember your score or the title of your trophy, it'd be great to PM me the info.

Pretty Good in all the randomness

Its rare i see a game like this. Fun,Great some might say but there are some things that nag at me. In other words instead of spelling out 2 whole paragraphs like blip there ima just going to say it, Sexual harrasment charge/stress ftw :D. Doing good,doing good, BAM charge, working working working, BAM stress. Nice overall game though i sir, give you a 10.

Manfredo responds:

Thanks for the review and the score !

The law suit is the one frustrating thing that everyone agrees on. I just can't ignore it. I have tweaked the probability down but you'll have to wait until Newgrounds validates the file change (24-48 hours I believe).
It won't dissappear though.

Not a Game

Look, the effort here is noted, but by the author's own admission this is a self-indulgent project so he can't really expect praise for a "game" that only he knows the rules to. A game requires tactical knowledge. Players must be able to hypothesize what the outcome of their actions will be. The outcome can have a random factor but the perfect player must be able to conceive of it. Thus, tic-tac-toe is a (boring) game and poker is a game.

This is gibberish.

People want to like it. It's getting nines because there was obvious work put into it. But I have to bring the numbers down in response because success and failure and, hell, anything else is completely and utterly random.

Games. Have. Rules.

This does not.

If this were completely text-based and had rules, it wouldn't merely be a better game than this -- it would be a game in the first place. Hell, if the text were anything near compelling it would get a 6-7 from me just because I'm a sucker for these kinds of games.

And there is effectively no save system. That can't work in a game with mandatory animations.

And while we're on the subject -- make all animations skippable.

Given that this isn't a game as much as it is an interactive dvd, "denature" is the wrong word for suggestions you don't like -- we're trying to add to its nature.

Reduce the scale of the rng dramatically, bring stats in line with their costs, release at the very least basic information on how energy and hit points work (several people I spoke to gave up in the first 45 seconds due to ambiguity there), explain how stress works (your assumption that sex reduces stress isn't realistic at all -- sex can easily complicate life, and nothing about a sentient alien blob is even remotely realistic in the first place so appeals to realism are inane), and, finally, make it so that women you fuck have, at the very least, consistent hair color from scene to scene.

Then you'd have a decent game.

Manfredo responds:

Well, call it a game, an interactive movie or a time waster, it makes no difference to the final product. Newgrounds has 2 categories for flash submissions : game/interactive or movie. This flash fits better in the first one by far. Now, I wish I had made something utterly original but unlike your allegation, I'm afraid to say I haven't. Many simulation games work the same way : outcome of actions are random but are partly influenced by the player's choices.
As for the nature of this work, well, I'm the one who decides, because I'm the one who made it, like it or not.
Now about the lack of rules : if that makes some players feel a bit insecure, at least I would have achieved that. If a player doesn't like that, then he doesn't play this game but tries one that's safer for him ... cosier.
Games have rules, yes but who says the player needs to know them ? The plot of the film called "The Game" with M.Douglas relies heavily on the fact that neither the viewers nor M.Douglas himself know the rules of the game he's playing ! It is a game nonetheless.
To come back to The inseminator : there isn't one single direction to take but several paths that may lead to certain achievements. I know there are several players out there with enough sense of humour to explore different approaches offered by the game. I have already tweaked it a bit to make it less frustrating to players following the Newgrounds reviews, but I will not propose/impose rules !

Thank you for taking the time to review, your arguments are not stupid and the effort is also noted (there is no sarcasm in this). I'm definitely taking some of your critiques in, but the nature of the work remains my prerogative.
Sorry this GAME is not what you wanted it to be !

Decent, could be great but some huge problems

I loved this game at first glance. Loved it. Good art, good design, no over the top effects, minimalistic design.

Then I got charged with Sexual Harrasment. For trying to pick up in a game based around sex... Okay, obviously I need a lot of gold. Max charm and work as a salesman. Stressed out! Dead again.

You've said you want the game to "Not be so easy" for the green guy. But for fucks sake, some of this is ridiculous. Having a good run go bad because you got Sexual Harrasment after just coming back from vacation, it's over. You lose so much money you can never make it up (Yes you can do one cleaner job a day, then you die from stress).

There's no stress bar in the game which means the player has no idea when he's about to lose. I once lost in a run where my little guy got laid over and over, hit a dry spell for about 3 days and suddenly he's dead.

Honestly if there was a stress bar in the game I think the feedback you'd get is "Holy shit it goes up WAY WAY too fast".

Not to mention it doesn't feel like there's any real progression. Are the girls linked to the stats of the area they're in? Who knows! You can't figure it out via trial and error because whether she'll fuck you or not is completely random.

You can chat up one lot, get laid 3x in a row then get slapped then get sexual harrasment with absolutely no change in your stats. You can sleep with a girl, come back with Perfume or a Diamond ring and get slapped. There's no rhyme or reason to it.

When coupled with the sexual harrasment HA GAME OVER bullshit and random deaths from stress (when you failed to roll high enough to get anyone to sleep with you even though your charm is through the roof) make the game feel like there's no skill at all, just luck.

Also: Intelligence is completely unbalanced. It takes the most effort to level and then when you finally do have it up enough to use it for a job... Wow, you make a whopping $20 more than a begginer salesman. If you started with sales by the time the Intelligence job was availiable you'd have 3x as much cash and no effort.

So in a nutshell:

-Stats are unbalanced.
-Game feels completely luck based.
-No real save system makes it even more frustrating. You can do a lot better than this matrix
-Sexual harassment needs to be reduced considerably or completely removed
-Money from jobs and interest needs to be raised
-For gods sake put a stress bar in
-Stress most likely needs to build up lower too

Honestly the core of the game is good, I wouldn't be taking this much time out to write this if I didn't think the game could be fun. It isn't right now, but it could easily be. Either make things more transparent, remove random deaths (Yes, you're making a "Simulation" but remember it's also a "Game) or give a way to recover from suddenly losing all your money and dying from stress (At the very least put in a better save system so we can just reload if we get bullshitted).

Art is good, design is good, game feels solid. Just let down by some of what I consider foolish design choices. The idea that if you get a Sexual Harassment within the first 2 weeks you lose try again, surely that can't seem like a good idea to you. Ooh, bad luck, start over!

(Oh and, this is a factor of the constant ridiculous deaths. But can we please, please have a way to skip the intro. It's not that long but it adds up)

Manfredo responds:

Wow ! That is a comprehensive review ! Thanks for taking the time.

Some of the points you mention have alrealy been covered but I am grateful for the reminder. Nagging works ... sometimes ... ;)
Just to come back on one particular point : the randomness is actually what needs to be overcome. Not by me (the author), but by the player. There is a definite sense of progression once this is done. Players who got the biggest trophies and survived the 100 days can't have done it without overcoming chance. But luck doesn't completely dissappear. The point is for the player to increase his/her edge.
I'm currently tweaking the game to lower frustration in playing, but I will not take luck out of it.


I for one am enjoying the play-as-you-go style of learning what each thing does, but one key detail keeps me from truly enjoying your game: the 1K sexual harassment lawsuit encounter (which happens WAY too often) is a game breaker. After all, when you start off you only get 100-200 a day at MAX energy. When you're put in the red you're reduced to eating only the Rotten Mayo, limiting you to one job per day. At the $25-30 starting pay, it would take at least a third of the entire game to pay that off. Either lower the lawsuit fee or raise everything else, because otherwise this game is broken.

Manfredo responds:


The law suit kills it for many, so I definitely can't argue that one. While keeping its effects as they are, I may lower its occurence.
One has to learn how to lose ... but losing too often is indeed frustrating.