Reviews for "The Inseminator"

Thank god my life isn't like this..

This game is fun...but it's mostly (and by that i mean Completely) about luck...I agree with most of the reviews....The Sexual Harassment charge should appear less often and a little more forgiving for the players wallet....and some indication of stress would definitely help....Cause it's a kick in the teeth when your doin' great then all of a sudden BAM! He goes insane and then i have to start over. The stats should mean something...like increasing chances of success with women and with fights... and the saving in the game is kinda tricky...cause if you don't write it down or anything your fucked...and have to start at the begining.

Other than that It's a really enjoyable game....and one thing i can say about reducing stress...(besides going on vacation and getting laid) is using the freakin' bathtub..(DOES IT SERVE A PURPOSE OR IS IT JUST THERE FOR SHITS AND GIGGLES!)

and that's what think about this game
it's good but it's not perfect.....but it does kill some time.

Manfredo responds:


All stats affect your luck in one way or another. But depending on your strategy, there may be some red herrings in the game.
The bathtub does lower stress slightly as you have guessed.
I'm glad your life isn't like this because it'd be kind of repetitive and you'd very certainly end up in a padded cell yourself ! Better try a life like this on a little green alien don't you think ?

Mayo Is Not Healthy.

The game is fun, The animations are decent, and the concept is solid but it could do with a little polish, most notably the sexual harassment (SH) charge witch is game breaking. Working as a janitor, eating mayo to pay off $1000 dept does not make for good game play. I see a LOT of potential here that could be unlocked with a few tweaks. And since you listen to people I would advise considering the following.

1. Sleep is an active process, recharges the brain and the system and should restore energy. Raise the cost of food items to be used in a pinch when needed, or delete them.

2. Reduce SH charge. It's a good concept but can be tripped to easily. Reduce price and/or occurrence.

3. This may just make me sound retarded but make more clearer what the bank loan is for and how it works.

4. And to balance the never ending seriousness of this review. The cake is not a lie. it's in the fridge.

Wrapping up: Great game that could be made better with a few tweaks. going into coding is a pain, but it could really pay off for this game. I'm sorry i can't give a perfect score but every game out there needs to understand and benefit from it's faults. Remember I'm not saying it's a bad game. I'm just saying there is room for improvement.

Keep up the great work I see more great games coming soon from you.

Manfredo responds:

Thanks for the tips.

I won't be repeating myself so I'll just say that some tweaks are already in progress.
Living on mayo is a good solution for a player if used when the bank balance isn't too far from -$500 or if the unfortunate law suit happens towards the end of a good run (say you are day 50 or beyond). Otherwise, yes : call it a day.
Some good trophies have been earned with mayonnaise so let's not be too rash in disregarding it !

good game, but some improvement tips

It's a very funny and good game but here are my tips:
-have a help option or instructions, the first couple of times I didnt know what the hell was going on, for example the nervous breakdown.
-longer scenes(also with the exit button thingy)
-use numbers instead of a bar for the stats, that makes it easier to guess how good you are

not much really for the rest, keep up the good work

Manfredo responds:

Thanks mate, I'm glad you liked it.

The only one tip I won't take on board is a minor one : the numbers. They make some people feel "safe", but it's one thing I don't like in many simulation games ... I find them ugly. Human (or alien) qualities can't be defined as numbers. It's bad enough I disguise them as stat bars. That's my personal opinion.

This is the coolest game in a long time but...

First let me thank you for reading everyone's reviews and respecting their insight. That means a LOT. I'm sure you get the point about the sexual harassment thing so I won't bring that up. Now...

It's not easy getting laid so can you have the sex scenes last longer than 5 seconds? Now nobody wants a 1/2 hour dirty movie with cheesy music but the first time my green guy got lucky I had no idea what was happening. After it was over I was like: Oh was that it? Was that why I'm playing the game?

Solution: Keep the same exact scenes (the scenes are cool and funny) but let the players decide when they end. Have an "EXIT" button on the lower right the way you have throughout the rest of the game. That way, if the players want scenes to last 5 seconds then they will.

Aside from that the game is very cool and very funny. It doesn't needlessly demand micromanaging: a definite plus for any alien that can bust a nut in under 5 seconds.

Again, thanks for reading!

Manfredo responds:

The advice about the skip button is noted. As for increasing the length of the sex scene, I'm not too sure because once you've cracked it, these scenes will happen all the time and you would then wish they'd last less than 5 seconds.
Anyhow, with no effort at all, you can get some visual result in the red light district (the hotel) as much as you like.

Reviews are valuable to me whether they are positive or negative. Being myself a bit of a moaner, I will not disregard any reviews as long as the critic has something to say.
I just think it's unfair when a score is not given as a true reflection of what the viewer thinks of the quality of the work but only to lower the average down.
So thank you for an honest review and also an honest score.

this game needs to be fixed

way to based on luck and the stats are horrid. the INT stat is useless same with the rest expect for the charm stat. easy money from the store and usually less chance of someone putting a sex. harr. lawsuit on the player(so far). the players stress makes no sense no matter what the player does. it fails on basic things and has to be fixed to even be playable.

Manfredo responds:

I take it you didn't beat the game lol
Some minor fixes are on the way. The game itself stays as it is for the many players who like the challenge.
Your strategy contains a good tip for other players which makes your review quite helpful.