Reviews for "Astromiau EP 01"

Love it!!!

Muy Bueno!!!
I really love how you blend all these inputs from old games and mix it in a fresh modern space station.

Please keep up the great work!!!


Me gusta mucha la amimation de tú - La animación era divertido y bien elaborado =)
Lo siento por mi mal español - Yo soy alemán! ;)

Es muy bueno!

Seriously, that was fun and creative. I did not know what to expect next. Top-floor surprises, emergency picture procurement and illicit substance side effects... I had to watch it twice! Now to go suggest this to a friend in Brazil. Kudos!


I hoped you could choose not to take the picture back lol

Very well done.

I found the drawing style cute and fun, while still being able to show lots of emotion. I did like more of the things that was done to have an impact on stuff, like the Cosmo cat sketch being important. Found it funny that you suddenly controlled actions, even though this was a movie. Also wasn't the music from the "SPACE LEVEL IN THE OLD DUCKTALES GAME"?