Reviews for "Cap Stack"


is a good game to ment torchese to doge and use warning signs like dimono said plz

Alright -

I'd give this game a 10 in a heartbeat - but it really annoyed me when I got to the top and I was close to getting the top medal when the flames would catch me . I think it moves too fast and the game height isn't level with how the flames should fall . I would consider editing it if I were you . Some better music , also .

Kind of.. Good. or.. ye

Yee.. Bronze (highscore, third place)


Way to make the flame sticks ALWAYS hit you as soon as you have a large stack. That is straight up horse shit.

Fuck this.

It should have been a good game, but those torches ruin it. They immediately take away ALL of your hats no matter how high the stack is, and this happened to me right at the end of stage three when the stack was so close to the top of the screen that I didn't have the reaction time to move out of the way of the torch. It's nothing more than a trap designed to make the game more 'challenging', but it's just a deus ex machina to try and justify fucking the gamer over. The torch should remove, at the absolute most, a third of however many caps you happen to have on you at any time.

Such a shame.