Reviews for "Cap Stack"

Sick game you should do a parody style with this it would be cool playing as a cartoon charectercatching dvds or games just a suggestion Iwould love to see this was a awesome game I gave it 10/10 easy controls and game play loved it! and the medals looked great

Simple yet addicting.

Holy shit I can't believe for such a run of the mill game about stacking shit can this be so much fun. It's nothing fancy and sometimes the torches are a bit much but aside from that it's a fun time killer with medals :)

Fun and addictive

Not the kind of game i had thought it was, but the effort shown in this one shows that there is room for these kinds aswell as new ideas and concepts, But i do like what you have presented here, and hope you keep making these fun games. Fun game i was not expecting it to be this fun but it was pretty entertaining and with all the good color and bright colors it made it for a much more fun game so i was pretty impressed, the fun level of it all was pretty entertaining, the screen is kind of small but it was still ok. Its a quick and fast paced game sometimes frustraiting but still entertaining. So as i have played thousands of games alot like this one, They all seem simular in one way or another, But one way this seemed different was your direction and method of style, so with that i close this rebiew out Great job keep it up.

alright so this is not my speciallty of flashworks to review on, but i think there are a few things and a few touch-ups that can be worked on, But with some extra attention this could be an even better product and end result. So some improvment ideas here i suppose you could add a larger screen, maybe some bonus stuff that could save you from mistake hats and such, but it would give it some more interest.

Fuck this.

It should have been a good game, but those torches ruin it. They immediately take away ALL of your hats no matter how high the stack is, and this happened to me right at the end of stage three when the stack was so close to the top of the screen that I didn't have the reaction time to move out of the way of the torch. It's nothing more than a trap designed to make the game more 'challenging', but it's just a deus ex machina to try and justify fucking the gamer over. The torch should remove, at the absolute most, a third of however many caps you happen to have on you at any time.

Such a shame.


Salamat sa game mo!