Reviews for "Cap Stack"

its good

its good but it looks like you didnt really work hard on this game but keep trying and you will achieve your goal

Fun but..

The game is really fun and cool, but if you do make a second part, you should add a landscape, also make less torches fall down, it really pisses me off when i lose my caps lol. Hoping for a second part.

keybol responds:

Fun and really cool but.. 0?


is a good game to ment torchese to doge and use warning signs like dimono said plz

haha loved it, awesome idea

great idea, and lovely music and stuff, really addictive and fun
the only recommendation i would ask if you make number 2 is perhaps have a red arrow or something to let you know when a torch or ice is coming from the top as once you get to platinum you dont have much time to move out the way then you lose it all.

Precisely one problem

When you get your hat stack up to the Platinum level, it's impossible to dodge torches that come out on top of you or to catch hats that don't. That makes the last (and undoubtedly 100pt) medal completely based in luck, as anyone can get their stack to Platinum level but only the lucky few will have the torches and hats fall in the correct places after that. I have a solution though: any chance of giving us a split-second warning when a torch is going to show up? That would do nicely to solve this difficulty.

keybol responds:

Thanks! I saw your review and guide for the medals for Cap Stack, that is really helpful! And you got the Touch the Sky medal! Hardcore!