Reviews for "Cap Stack"

how to win the game with many medals

just drink 10 coffe to boost your adrenaline

i do that


Way to make the flame sticks ALWAYS hit you as soon as you have a large stack. That is straight up horse shit.

Put On Your Quick-Reflexes Cap

In this fast-paced game, you have stack caps on your head as high as you can. Sounds easy, right? Well, it's easy until the speed increases and torches and even electric shocks start falling down to trip you up, but that's the thing that'll keep you playing this game--the challenge of being able to stack all your caps to the top of the screen.


AAAAJHHHH can't get the last medal because the torch keeps burning me instantly when i reach a certain height.. fiiiiix!

Alright -

I'd give this game a 10 in a heartbeat - but it really annoyed me when I got to the top and I was close to getting the top medal when the flames would catch me . I think it moves too fast and the game height isn't level with how the flames should fall . I would consider editing it if I were you . Some better music , also .