Reviews for "Cap Stack"

well done.

natagalan ba release neto keybol? nagustuhan ko sya. this is badass. and simple yet addicitve. pakidagdagan mo p ng ultra rare caps sa part 2. :) nice job.

keybol responds:

Uy salamat. Sorry ngayon ko lang nabasa message mo. Matagal ng game to, thanks sa suggestion!

Kind of.. Good. or.. ye

Yee.. Bronze (highscore, third place)



Dear god this is annoying to play with a touchpad.

Just sayin'.

The game was pretty good though. I tried for like 15 minutes to get all the caps on the first level, then I realised I should leave it until I bought a mouse.

i won like all the medals exept one but...

i was logged aut and i won all the medals i could,v sworn i was logged in . it happend with a lot of games.