Reviews for "LARRY episode 2"

Always something new!

Never am I dissapointed with jazz studio flash animations :) Always funny and clever! Very unique :)


This is the 1st time I've been waiting a new episode to come for anything. :D Thank you.


Hahahaha I loved this entire movie! So funny!

harry potter eat your heart out

Loved it.. great animation and character design.Funny jokes good voice acting.. four months well spent. my only complaint and it's just a style thing,cause your 'toon is so pro.... why use that crappy brush tool to do your contour lines... you can work the lines a little more and get some clean line quality. I know everybody has kinda settled on this flash style line work..and it's popular...but I dunno... to me.. it's a little rough.anyways congratulations on an outstanding achievement.

Phenomenal! =D

There's no other rating for this! Indescribable, you MUST MUST MUST watch this.

On a side point, would Pup's leg be restored in a near episode pretty pleaseeeeeee. He's real cute and I feel bad even though I didn't do anything :O