Reviews for "LARRY episode 2"


i think that this grop is younger than me cuz i dont found any funny things.

Evil Mage and Review

This is how to make him(evil mage) on dragonfable.com make an account( if you have
one make a new character) need dragon amulet.
Mask:Dragonhead helm Misson:Scepulture
Class:Mage Mission:When you start Main Colour:Black Second Colour:Red
Weapon:Any Staff
Hair:Bald Hair Colour(because it applies for your eyebrows):Grey and thats it!
Review:Jazza this is superB animation it has humour, jokes,Schme's :D , and action
keep up the good work and the assasin kept aiming for the butt LOL that was awesome but why not an episode of pup's past.and dude keep up the good work:D

I gotta say

Aside from the animation, the flash as a whole seems slightly more than bland. Again the animation is great but something that took so long to create and was taken so seriously should honestly achieve more than this. simply put this flash is largely unoriginal (in terms of writing and jokes), i'll reference the poker face joke amongst others. There is very little in this flash that hasn't been done before in other tv shows, movies, and even other flashes, the slim content that was original simply isnt funny (assuming it is original) The highlight of the flash was a reference to a flash animation classic (amazing horse by the weebl). I dont mean t be a jerk becaue on the other hand i may just be too skeptical

Jazza responds:

i see where you're coming from, and i don't disagree that my humor sometimes can be considered unoriginal, i have lots of room to improve and that's why i do this, not coz i think i'm the flash master or anything lol, or the comedy master in specific. thanks for the constructive criticism :)

Wait a sec...

but, in the start scene the wizard fired fireballs (in the LIBRARY), and the fireballs hit the books. Where are the f*cking arson?

Awesome execpt for

saying that lady gaga is spreading retartadion....you should at least respect her as an artist...

Jazza responds:

should I? because you see, i don't... i really, REALLY don't.

My perception of Art isn't "shock value", catchy tunes, boobs, and songs about dancing. That's called "Poop"