Reviews for "LARRY episode 2"

Sophmore Effort Funny But Confusing

Kind of overdoing it on the gross out humor, aren't you? I mean, I like the art style, I definitely dig the animation, the music's pretty great, but it feels like you can't decide which side of the comic/serious divide you want to land on.

Not that you can't have both in the same story, but the way this goes from "hilarious violence!" to "implications of a plot" to "look our villains are zany even though we built them up!"...its less the blending of the two I think you are trying to go for and more haphazard. Maybe get an editor for the script? Someone coming in off of Larry versus the Gnomes instead of Larry 1 would be especially thrown, I feel, by the change in tone.

On the plus side, the development between Larry and his mentor was worth the watch. I like how Larry is pretty much constantly looking for an opening, and how petty the wizard is. The hand waving staff's a nice subtle visual gag, too. So what story is there is interesting, I just wish you had spent as much time on it as you clearly did on the art and music.

Also, kudos on the voice acting. I didn't know you did most of it yourself. Well done!


but not your sort of everyday video, if you know what i mean.


******* awsomee best animated cartoon everrr!!!!

thats it!?

not good but apparently smart!


Words cant event describe it!!! :)