Reviews for "LARRY episode 2"


ok that was so not cool seeing the inside of a guys dick get coughed out of him this is a cool series but that was no cool man not cool...

can be better.

i laughed a little, but it felt like you were trying to put as many jokes as you can.
i think you should focus more on the action and the story and less on the humor.

oh, and the animation is perfect, no complains about that.

I dare say,

The animation was pretty good, the art was pretty good, some pof the jokes were pretty good, but the rest were sad sacks of puns and bad references, with no humorous value at all FOR ME. I'm not saying this is bad, but i'm also not saying it's too good. Sort of like Halo.

Tee hee.

Why cant i pass the first jump???

Sorry i dont know if my keyboard is broken but i tried EVERYTHING and i cant jump the first boxes, please make a simpler way to jump!

Jazza responds:

you're CLEARLY not aware of what you are reviewing. this is not a game... *sigh*

here's one of my bad luck signs

Chopping a dog leg off
Man choking out balls