Reviews for "LARRY episode 2"

Nothing short of AWESOME

Loved the first one and now, i wanna fuck the second one! ^_^ But alas, i cant wait for the third. Hopefully doesnt take as long but its all cool. Im sure itll be just as great, if not greater, then the first two. Keep up the good work!

"schme" hehe

that was great xD

i feel gross for saying this, but my favorite part is when the guy coughs up his testicles xD


great animation and artistry. wonderful score and excellent writing. More Schme... STAT


We require SCHME Shirts NOW!


This is 100% full of win and epic. My internetz belong to you. God, I laughed through the ENTIRE fuckin' thing. I was literally crying. I love this, can't wait for the next episode dude. Keep up the awesome work.