Reviews for "LARRY episode 2"

Great episode

This was funny as hell, when the assassin had that yes problem I almost died laughing haha, good job. I minus one point though because the animation of the horse running away was very off, but besides that everything else was spot on. Oh and one more thing, this should probably be rated mature, you've got a ton of decapitation scenes here.

Jazza responds:

damn, 4 months of animation and i lose a point for being lazy that one day, i need to keep track of my laziness!

HAHA i kid man. thank you :D and i changed the rating, thanks for that :)


Awesome job Jazza yet again another Larry master piece. Can't wait for what's next. Whether it's games, or movies Larry's story just get cooler and cooler. Thanks for taking you time to make this.

Jazza responds:

thanks for appreciating it, means a lot to me :D

First Review (?)

Haha, this might be the first review but Im making it long enough to where it probably wont be.

First thing, holy fucking shit that was a very original comedy and I am really glad about this series hitting it big on newgrounds. The comedy was just outright fantastic. The sound design was extremely well done, after all it is ZStriefel. The animation was superb and I loved the 3D stuff you did. The music was also superb and professionally done! It seemed like this took a hell of a long time to make, which is a goal that rarely anyone seems to achieve now a days. Long projects, for the most part, never seem to get done! It's a sad fact really. So many great things have been lost because of procrastination.

The part where he was hit in the testicles had me cracking up, along with the Get On My Horse parody.

I can't wait for the next one! God I dream to voice for this series one day. :3


That was just so awesome I don't even know what to say. Amazing drawings, amazing animations, and I ilked the humor a lot! I thought it was pretty funny. The voice acting was very good and all the sounds fit perfectly. That and the whole story concept is just hilarious! I think I may go have to watch the previous episode now =) Keep up the good work keep making these!

Awesome schme!

I friggin schme this!
(Watch the whole movie to understand)