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Reviews for "LARRY episode 2"


No complaints, except I really hope i don't have to wait 3-4 months for the next installment (3.0). Yes Yes I've heard your plan and what not, but this isn't madness, this is an actual story i want to see move, not sporadically pop up. That aside the scene with the dog was the absolute best in the whole cartoon. Yea you introduced new characters, but i really don't feel like the plot has moved forward as much as it could have. We knew larry was training, but we didn't get a great sense of that and a comedic assassin on the side for humor and a new villian. All great push off points, but for an episode we waited 4 months for,
overall I felt like you brought more artistic and comedic quality over the story and plot.


man that was great! I rarely laugh out loud when I'm the only one in the room, but that was too funny.

Loved it, love the new characters (new baddy looks kinda like molarom from Temple of doom), I was so genuinely excited to see this and it's come out on my birthday weekend!

Top notch work my friend, envious of your talent!


Here I am, browsing the portal at 3 in the morning. I see a bunch of crap. I decide to vote on one more submission before I finally go to bed. To my intense surprise, the supreme pure awesomeness of this video melted my eyes out while rainbows of pure happiness erupted from my mouth. That was so great, L O V E D the 3D effects, especially during the fight at the beginning. I can't believe that only took 4 months! Keep em coming. Oh ya, see you on the front page, remember me when you get there :P