Reviews for "LARRY episode 2"


more more more more and faster plx!!! can't wait another series! it's just like watching dragon ball in childhood or smoking weed!!! can't stop this feeling of "WANT"!!! :D GJ Jazza and "helpful team"!!! ^^"

Jazza responds:

weed?... nice :)

lol make more!!

lmfao i had to watch that epic ball hit one more time lmfao ahhh always wanted someone to do that

Loved it

Ah, a guy getting hit in the balls always makes me laugh. Good job

That was shit hot

It was so shit hot my ass is still on fire after watching it or is that somthing els .........
no wait its cos of this totally worth the wait and the bowel obstruction

My gosh

If you persevered, you could seriously have a Cartoon Network slot. Best thing I've seen all week.