Reviews for "LARRY episode 2"

mages lately have some weird tastes in choosing their heroes .... always have to be the world's smallest breed, what they are thinking?!?!

Oh my god the wizard with the dog! I wet my self... no joke... im not joking

I have watch your series SO many times dude. It's one of those series that gets better and better. Your voice acting gets better. Your mic,s gets better, and animation and effects gets better from every episode.
I know that kinda normal. But the must importing thing that gets better is the comedy. This is by far, the must funniest episode of them all. your writing is just so perfect, that i can't seem to imagine the series being any better then this.
I can't even find any flaws, or anything wrong with it.
just keep making it as good as you can, and you will get me, and any other of us fans keep coming back to this awesome series.
It is just simply amazing :D

5/5 10/10 from me.
I can't wait until you are finished with Ortus, so you can get back to this awesome series.

I like the fact how you make games and merchandise but you barely make new episodes, there are two, TWO episodes, jesus man, just... Next time make like ten episodes before trying to sell everything to people, I know your life must be really busy right now but yeah, still.

cmon its been two year's where's episode 3 iv been waiting since this cames out and im losing my shit i saw the other ones played larry and the gnomes and pup run all awesome but come on for all the time you have taken this should be a full movie of atleast two hours!