Reviews for "RiseAndShine"


Voiceacting was perfect, originality was a plus, the animation was pretty neat. It was an interesting change, but still not something I'd watch over and over again. Moreover, although the animation quality was pretty quite good and well-though, in the end it was quite simple. Not that it is necessarily a bad thing; it fitted quite well.

Creepy awesome, just the way I like it.

"The right man in the wrong place can make all the dif-ference."
Creepy how he acts like he's loading his own words.


Werid... In a good way.


Very intressting but still it kinda freaked me O.O.

Wow... creepy, yet very Interesting

I like how you did this a lot. The typography was nice and it flowed in really smooth. The voice and sound effects were spot on. Everything is pieced well together finely and I couldn't think of an any better idea to portray such a thing as how you did this....

Yes, it was creepy, maybe horrifying, and might be a 'bit' weird, but I guess that's how it suppose to be. Rise and Shine freeman... It's work time...