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Reviews for "Heart of Ice"

its really good

i really enjoyed playing this game
the platforming was good cool boss battle
i would love too play a sequel :D


had great fun playing it. sound track was awesome!
effects were great as well! :)

although i keep getting confused on if a certain object is a background or a platform :S
please it is very nessesary to darken the BG!

5/5 10/10 :)

Supah Game

Very nice story, awesome graphics and nice gameplay.... I say MUST TRY IT!!!!

A great game

There was a nice challenge, interesting characters, voice acting for the enemies and bosses. (a nice touch) One problem I had was The Ascendant boss, not that he was hard, but more that it was very hit and miss with dodging his blasts, I noticed the area that is about to be hit gets a little brighter, but with the brightness of the background does not help the issue.

this was one my first favourite games on my list, and probably the best one

i played this game 2 years ago, and was a perfect game
now i replayed it and still being a perfect game

this was so EPIC, story, music, figths, all of it
now i will try to complete it at 100%,

oh, and happy new year for everyone :D 2014