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Reviews for "Heart of Ice"


Well, well, well. What an achievement. The twitch platforming of the classic NES side-scrollers merged with a narrative and structure reminiscent of the Metal Gear Solid series (Ice Quest, the game-within-a-game, must certainly a nod to the Kojima's sense of humour).

Excellent animation, voice acting, music and gameplay. The atmosphere was mysterious, and the boss battles epic. You really do have to spend some time learning their patterns and behaviours. To me, this is the mark of a good, challenging boss fight.

And what an ending! Bring on the sequel, I say! I don't often write reviews. But this was spectacular.

too awesome

even though there was no reason to win, no goal, no victory, no prize, it doesn't change the fact that i pwned them bitches :P so that in itself is a satisfactory win.


Theme main theme is so beautiful i don't even want to start the game.

It's one of the best games back in 2010 , i used to play it allot (sadly not in this site i wish i knew NG way before that) , i love everything in this game , the art , the story , music....
I had much fun playing it , and im kind of sad that the author didn't make any other games of that kind , i consider Eddy Larkin as one of the greatest game devs ever !

Best Game In The World