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Reviews for "Heart of Ice"

good work

dont worry what others think I play World of Warcraft and people still find bugs in it no game is 100% to evryone so keep up the good work and mabe do a part 2


@NinjaEin press p to pause

great game

Really Fun

Love the music and the art is incredible.

Loved Every Second

This is one of the best games in recent months, the style is really great to look at, the gameplay is challenging but not so much you want to give up. A great game overall!

this was one my first favourite games on my list, and probably the best one

i played this game 2 years ago, and was a perfect game
now i replayed it and still being a perfect game

this was so EPIC, story, music, figths, all of it
now i will try to complete it at 100%,

oh, and happy new year for everyone :D 2014