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Reviews for "Heart of Ice"

Could have been so much more

The bossfights that I played were interesting but several mechanics appeared bland and uninteresting. Then I got past the psychic.

Continually respawning enemies is not good game design. It has never been good. If you cannot name one game where that concept was a good idea then why put it in the game in the first place.

It's a bland and generic game with an uninteresting blank slate protagonist that has no emotion or personality whatsoever.

Extremely meh

Controls are crappy at best
Music gets annoying after a while
Respawning creatures are NOT good in a game
And overall storyline sucks. You have no reason to have volunteered to look for and kill 'the Watcher' nor does he have any reason to be what he is.
Creature originality is none

The only compliment this game could possibly earn would be, "it's got autosave"

it wont let me pllay i was really looking fireard to playing!!!!!!!!!!!