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Reviews for "Heart of Ice"


@NinjaEin press p to pause

great game

Really Fun

Love the music and the art is incredible.

If you didn't play this game through - Don't Vote!

I've read a number of criticisms that speak about this game being too hard, or the the controls weren't working. At one point, yes, my controls were acting screwy for me too, but then I realized my computer hadn't been shut off for quite a while and the ram was spent. After a restart, the game worked great!
In regards to the game being hard; BLAH! You people need a challenge once and a while. Good, I'm glad it was challenging. Most flash games are too easy. The boss fights where very well thought out, and even surprising at times. The psychic boss was brilliant, and you were already given the hint how to fight him at the end of the last level. And as I said in the subject, if you didn't take the time to play this game through, then please don't voice your opinion... Really. I've played allot of flash games through the years, and in my opinion, this is one of the most thought through games I've played, that was created mainly by one person. The scene where you first meet the watcher, Awesome! (spoiler alert!) Traveling through that tunnel while your on the platform; great faux 3D affect. Then the Ice Quest at the end, a nice break to old-school 8 bit.
The platforming was great. I especially loved the fans. blades, and drills. All of the the robots or androids were very well done. The backgrounds also were great and I liked some of the puzzle work on the last level. I kind of wanted to see more of it. One thing that I think should be worked on is the anatomy of the main characters and bosses; very off, but that can come with time. I suggest Burn Hogarth books. They can help immensely. And to agree with some of the other opinions, the voice work could use a little help too. The soundtrack was great, (spoiler alert!) and especially in the last battle after the Ice Quest, where it continually changes with the scene changes, and then the transitions to story and then back to battle, nice touch.
Over all, great game; Lot's of challenges, and it never got visually boring. I look forward to seeing more well-thought-out work done by Mr. Larkin.


The music was good and well fitting, animation was great, storyline good, all GOOD! controls easy and not complicated. I hope there is a sequel :)

Awesome game ^^

The storyline is very unraveling as you progress through the game, the graphics are very good, the gameplay isn't too hard (I hope that's intentional to make you focus on the storyline more) and the music fits, this game is amazing.
For the people that can't finish it, I'll make a walkthrough in a day or maybe two, so maybe that'll help ya ^^