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Reviews for "Heart of Ice"


The game was O.K. it seemed like everything that took a lot of effort was there, such as graphics, sound etc.
If it had a mute button, a tutorial, a much less annoying death screen, and above all, an option to look down instead of a force "Leap of faith", this would be a much better game.
I know I'm being harsh with my rating, but really, a mute button and a tutorial are very basic things to have in a game. I really don't think a game without these features is worth playing.

The game was ok but I felt some things just lacked

This game is good, nice and fun - but with a continue feature and no way to find out controls except for restarting and playing through the tutorial section is terribly annoying, also no way to mute the sound fx or music is annoying.
Game play however is solid and really fun

Well worth playing

Fun game. Not quite one I would play over and over again, but well worth the run through. I'd be interested in a sequel.

It would have been nice to have had the option to look down. Too many times I couldn't see the floor below me, causing any movement down a little to be a leap of faith. That killed me more often than not.

Good game

good job

Big game with a lot of variety to keep things interesting. The bosses are pretty hard but beatable. The only problem really is that my flash plugin crashes on me whenever I kill the ascendant. This happens to one of the other reviewers too. I've already killed the ascendant 3 times, restarting firefox each time, and it just keeps happening. I'm using firefox with flash plugin version

Enjoyable for the most part

I found this game very enjoyable for a majority of the play time. I found it unique (at least among newgrounds games) and satisfying. Although, I must say, I am not the biggest fan of the boss fights. To me, boss fights should be a specific mechanic you master, with little twists given at certain health percentages, and, of course, flashy/pretty/epic. All of the boss fights are certainly flashy, so well done there! But I found the mechanics to be too...twitchy--too reliable upon my ability to move fast and accurately.While this is okay to an extent, some of the fights, particularly the final fight, rely too heavily upon the speed of the player. I would humbly suggest the imposition of difficulty settings.

Overall, it was a great game! Amazing graphics, engaging storyline, interesting characters...super fun! Can't wait till the sequel! (You are making a sequel, aren't you? ; )