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Reviews for "Heart of Ice"


it was all good put it leaves room for improvement,but i mean no offence at all.
So wat im trying to say is a good game but not a great one.


It's a cool game but I died pretty fast..

I reeeeeally want to speak my mind here

but due to the mods cater to whiners attitude here I'll tone it down. Fun game, need to adjust the difficulty a bit. Something that is too hard right from the start deters casual gamers and even some hardcore games.

Awesome game.

This game is marvelous.

The graphics are very detailed, suit very well to the general athmosphere. Specially, the animations are a honorable mention. They are very fluent. They have the exact quantity of frames.

The music... oh my. Where I start? The cave music. whioch gives you a "chill" feeling? The rapid orchestal/techno tune at Tim? The catchy Ishmael tune? The epic The Watcher theme?

Talkin' about bosses... Epic. They are very challenging, and demand all your ability, reflexes and timing. And they seem neat. (Ishmael comes to mind).

Overall, nice game. To my favorites.

Pretty good but does it deserve Medals?

First time I saw it I was gonna comment "who'd you pay to put in medals on this crappy game?" but then I later saw that it's an interesting storyline with cool enemies and different things (like attacks) than other games. The graphics weren't great; if they were this would have been awesome.

What made this boring however is the slowness and randomness of it. At first I almost gave up on it cause I didn't understand the point and it took too long. Killing bosses wasn't challenging but took too long.

Good concept though.