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Reviews for "Heart of Ice"

Pretty Decent

It was pretty fun but had some flaws. Such as the terrible voice acting and annoying difficulty. But other than that its a pretty solid game.

Great concept, great feel, good game

I quite liked this game, a lot.

Story - 8/10
The story was simple yet well thought out. Basic but it get's the job done.

Concept - 10/10
I personally love ice stages in games, so naturally this drew my attention. The game has a epic feel about it, and possibley set in the past is usually a plus.

Music - 10/10
The music is beautiful and fitting, I really can't say more than that. Overall, great job in this department

Controls - 3/10
The biggest problem I had with this game was the controls. Often times the jumping was unresponsive and most of the time I'd just tap the move button and he'd go in full sprint to the side without stoping. This caused a lot of cheap deaths and frustration. Sometimes the character would even jump on his own. If it wasn't for the poor controls, this game would have made an easy 10/10 for me.

just what i was looking for

i am very happy about this game, i just love those "Newgrounds style" platformers with the simple characters and enemies.
Great game

nothing new

its alright but its nothing i havent seen before.

well made game :D

the game is amazing, good graphics, well made game play, awesome bosses too :D... kinda reminds me of super mario :P well that's just my view of it, it's a cool idea and i hope to see more of it in the future :P