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Reviews for "Heart of Ice"


the game is great only ishmael spams to much ghosts to dodge


Smooth control and great artand music too.

Good job!

Death to "The Watcher"

Great artistic style, sharp control,but the watcher boss battle is impossible, as soon as you reach it the game is basically over...

thanks a lot

Thank you for using my music again. It's an honor to me.


First off, I love the music. It's really, really good all around. Definitely the best part about this game.

The story is less polished but still worthy, even leaves room for a sequel. Loved the main character even though he seemed to be a mute. The bosses were all annoying douchebags, especially Watcher, especially when they just refused to die. Seriously, those were some hard boss battles.

I had no problems with the controls whatsoever, just some lagging moments in the game. I did find one glitch though: when fighting **SPOILERS** Watcher when he's jumping all over the place with two swords, dying (to his swords or ranged attacks) in mid-air and falling into the water doesn't bring you to the "you were killed" screen. Instead, Watcher just keeps jumping around, attacking as if you're still alive, while you're sleeping with the fishes. "Just die!" has never been so appropriate.

Using down for attacking and a random other button for actions was weird. I'm not sure why you did it like that, but it seemed to work out alright. Wouldn't work well with a Gamepad though, but that isn't really an issue.

Very good game.