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Reviews for "Heart of Ice"

Heart of Win.

I love a good platformer. :3

This is a good platformer.

good game :D

pretty fun, bosses were great. i agree it was tough to figure th background frm platforms but continues always leave u pretty close to where u die so not too bad.


The graphics and the design is fine, the artist has to learn a bit more to be a professional cause there are little flaws but it's nice, th only problems is that the anatomy and the moves are not always that detailed and professional, and sometimes it's hard to recognise what is a background element and what is a platform, but over all it's good, it builds up agreat atmosphere. The music is fitting, great choice. The story is interesting however the presentaiton is a but rushing, sometimes I wasn't able to finish reading, so this needs some improvement but it's fine. Controls are fine, Sound effencts could have been ballanced and I would have suggested to ask some help from voice actors cause the voices are silent, unbalanced, and not acted out that well. Too bad these little things are getting bits away from the experience, so I give a 7. Way to go.