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Reviews for "Heart of Ice"

It was an okay game.....

It was a decent platformer, but a lot of flaws.
First off, the hit detection was pretty bad. There were a lot of times, especially against the watcher in his second form, where I took damage when I wasn't even in the line of fire.
Secondly, your character was seriously underpowered compared to every single enemy, especially the ninjas. Seeing as how you only had a melee attack, you were at a serious disadvantage to most enemies, and even the basic enemies took a quarter of your health bar with a single hit.
Thirdly, the voice acting was way too quiet. I could barely hear what they were saying. I only want to have too look at subtitles if I can't understand what's being said, not because I can't hear what's being said. Especially on the psychic boss because you have to pay attention to when he's going to attack the gun turret. Also, why does he countdown "two two one"? Shouldn't it be "three two one"?
Lastly, the ending was a pretty big cop out I thought. *SPOILER ALERT* Killing the main character for no apparent reason other than just cause you wanted to is a pretty bad reason. He had no reason to die, but I guess you thought killing him was a good idea. If that's the case, then it would've been better to have him keep crawling towards the light after he hit the ground and then have the screen fade out just as he reaches the blinding white light. That would've been much better than having two random agents appear for no reason. I understand you may have been trying to tie a story together, but the agents just made things worse.
Overall, the game was okay, but it needs some definite work.

Can't beat the watcher

Im stuck on the watcher boss Other than that great game

Big disappointment after finishing the game

excellent (10/10) : graphics, audio, background and character animation, fight with bosses, gameplay.
disadvantage : storyline (7 / 10), ending (3 / 10)

overall : unfortunately, only 6 / 10
big disappointment after finishing the game

The ability of making Games

It always brings me joy when I see a young programmer with the ability to make games. It is a very hard job and it requires a lot of commitment. As I can see here we're talking about a solo project (or are we) with the music by some other authors. We have a complete game with some minor bugs and with a lot of potential. BUT. The thing that solo programmers don't understand is that the opinion of others means a lot and that by going solo you can prove your worth but decrease the worth of your game. That is why a small team is always required. The mechanics of this game work almost perfect everyone can agree with that, but the art is on a far lower level, animations are smooth but require even more frames at times, the music is also nice but at times it's just gone as if to bring an intriguing atmosphere which it doesn't. Why? Again because of the art. The mysterious feeling is there but the art just doesn't keep it up. So when i played this game I felt sad seeing all the work that was put into it...If only the art was more serious and the design of the character and the bosses better this would have been one of the best platformers. But there are many games here on newgrounds that surpass this game. Although I'm giving a 7 for the game I will give a 10 to the master that made it. He will surely be rewarded for his effort and if working in a team he will make wonderful games in the future.

Really nice.

I just got past the first boss, gonna keep playing later. It's a simple game (which is good for me), still I liked the boss battle, the moves that weren't impossible to avoid, but not too easy to do so either... also the killer move thing the pirate used, and how you can avoid it using a kind of special move, that was great. I loved the music, btw.