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Reviews for "Heart of Ice"

It's one of the best games back in 2010 , i used to play it allot (sadly not in this site i wish i knew NG way before that) , i love everything in this game , the art , the story , music....
I had much fun playing it , and im kind of sad that the author didn't make any other games of that kind , i consider Eddy Larkin as one of the greatest game devs ever !

this was one my first favourite games on my list, and probably the best one

i played this game 2 years ago, and was a perfect game
now i replayed it and still being a perfect game

this was so EPIC, story, music, figths, all of it
now i will try to complete it at 100%,

oh, and happy new year for everyone :D 2014

>everything is perfect

it wont let me pllay i was really looking fireard to playing!!!!!!!!!!!

are there more weaps