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Reviews for "Heart of Ice"

This game sucks!

it was cool until i got to the pirate and kept dieing because he takes so much of your goddamn health with one hit from his sword or bombs. Make his attacks not hurt alot for a first boss. and make the robot guy have 2x jumps and better weapons.


great game style and story. nice job.

This long pipe is really... Long.

Very well made game Eddy, it's kind of hard at some points but nothing too unachievable and frankly I love hard games!


Is anybody NOT able to load the game at the beginning? Or is my browser? I've been sitting here for 5 minutes and nothing happens : ( Help?


I have to say, I just love the premise: Journeying through an arctic stronghold, encountering foes such as a ghostlike pirate with supernatural powers and a superpowered psychic, in order to stop a man intent on gaining the power of all magical energies in the world. Also, I found the "heart of ice" theme quite interesting.
This game has a story that is truly unique, although it is somewhat below its potential. I say this because I feel the ending could have expanded upon a bit, but that really isn't the idea, is it?

The gameplay was quite good, and very expansive; the introduction of an extra dimension truly makes this game something more. The main platforming style of the game was well executed, and the controls are very responsive. I think one of the greatest things about the game is that the interactions between objects are well defined, as one of my greatest grievances with games of this sort is that hazards often do not match up with their respective images.
However, there are some problems: As previously stated, there are many instances where you might end up jumping to your death due to the fact that it is difficult to differentiate between backgrounds and platforms. My biggest problem (also stated previously) is that, during the battle against the Watcher at Ascension Point, it can be EXTREMELY difficult to see the blasts forming.

Nonetheless, I found the game to be spectacular; I'd say that year and a half of work really paid off.