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Reviews for "Heart of Ice"

great music, graphics, idea, but...

what lousy gameplay. stale, boring, typical, corny weapon, AND the controls were really bad. character would literally run off and do what he wants. it's quite annoying on parts where you gotta have precise movement.

finally, takes 10 years to hit continue screen, which makes the aforementioned fact a lot worse to deal with.

decent game

the graphics and controls were fine, but the voice acting could of been a lot better, and a level selection page would of been nice.

one more thing, the long tunnel thing was seriously pointless

I was killed...

over and over for the stupidest reasons. I never died from the enemies but only from falling. So many times I thought I needed to go down or that some thing was a platform and I just ended up falling to death, once there was a robot on a rock and I jumped to kill him only to fall through the rock he was standing on, I mean come on, WTF. The controls are alright and the graphics are nice but the game feels empty at parts and gets boring fast.


Great game. The music is excellent, the graphics are nice and detailed. I enjoyed the bossfights, easily more original then 95% of everything else you can find around here.

Some feedback:
- Although the controls work fine most of the time, sometimes I had to press jump 2-3 times. Might just be my keyboard though.
- When you're on a small platform and there's a enemy behind you, you can't attack it. The character doesn't instantly turn around, but prefers to take like 2 steps backwards first, mostly leading to a knife in yer back.

All in all, one of my favorite games on the site!

pretty good

i think it was pretty good. its not really my type of game, but its excellent.