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Reviews for "Heart of Ice"

Would love to say awesome but...

Everytime I went up against the watcher (3rd time), as soon as I 0'd him and his wings start to disolve...my flash crashes...now I have tried it now on 2 different machines and firefox and IE on both, same result everytime :( tried the latest version of flash on them all. I guess god doesnt want me to finish the game properly. Must admit, my fav boss battle was the first one, but the last one seemed impossible until I took my eye of his health meter..and looked at the screen

Great Game

Nice game


Great game w/ fresh idea!
@H4DDS: you just need to hold the left click and spread to the both ways, it should do OK

Awesome game ^^

The storyline is very unraveling as you progress through the game, the graphics are very good, the gameplay isn't too hard (I hope that's intentional to make you focus on the storyline more) and the music fits, this game is amazing.
For the people that can't finish it, I'll make a walkthrough in a day or maybe two, so maybe that'll help ya ^^


How the fuck are you supposed to get past the robots with your gun? Their respawning system is a bug i swear. ITS JUST TOO HARD?