Reviews for "Mystical Mountain"

Oh man... I'm normally a pretty harsh reviewer and I almost never hand out 10/10s, but NGADM just forced me to hand them out back-to-back. This song though... whoa. I really enjoy the section that starts at about 1:00 (and ends at the climax at 4:00 I guess... lol, that's not very specific) and I particularly like 2:12. But really the whole thing flows together magnificently, and the melodies are all great and flow together - because that's what this song does, it doesn't transition, it FLOWS from one section to the next, effortlessly! I really like the bit at 2:45 that launches the buildup - I could tell we were building up immediately, even though it's a very subtle.

My only complaint is I don't really like the climax... like, I realize on some level that it's necessary from an arrangement point of view, but maybe it could have been more unique than just blasting the notes at me. (See, this is just proof that I'll never be content, because when I reviewed First Flight with the unique climax I complained about that too!)

Anyway, this piece is amazing. Be proud.

Garlagan vs you is going to be a battle for the ages!

Woah!!!! Dude, you rock!!

This orchestral arrangement sounds so real!!

10/10 Easy.